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Released March 6, 2012 for Rock Band

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Genre: Metal
Album: The Hunter (2011)

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Controversial song pick, but a good'un! Poinkish
Comparing this to previous Mastodon songs we've had in the game, this is a real cakewalk on Guitar, the only thing that may trip you up in this song is the occasional long strings of hammer-ons that appear between the songs main riff, and right at the end. This is a pretty cool Guitar chart, with a lot of emphasis on steady movement back and forth on the fretboard that due to the brevity of the song doesn't outlive it's welcome, it's a solid effort, and a song from an album I personally like from a band that's constantly changing it's sound with each album. I'd recommend all the DLC this week as I've enjoyed them all equally this week on Guitar. I honestly can't pick. One of the more balanced 3 song weeks so far!
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