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Released November 20, 2007 for Rock Band
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Genre: Alternative
Album: Stadium Arcadium (2006)

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Diverse Bass With Tons of Variations Karmeleaux
Stadium Arcadium deviated from Red Hot Chili Peppers's earlier albums, and was heavily criticized for it. While it's an album I enjoy overall, I do lament the focus on studio production and loss of the more jam-oriented sound of many of their other works.

Luckily, this song played very similar to their early stuff. The verse rhythm has a good amount of movement in it, always includes a HO/PO chain, and often throws in extra HO/PO scales because hey it's Flea on bass.

The chorus is probably the lowest point, as its movement is slower, but it too always includes a short HO/PO chain.

The bridge (after a repetition of those two), on the other hand, feels like Flea all over. Tons of HO/POs, great movement, and all sorts of scales. It's also unfortunately there once.

Luckily, after another verse and chorus, the chorus starts to variate, adding more movement and HO/POs in part of it, and throwing some absolutely amazing scales in there. It was a while before we got some Flea-focused songs, but this tided me over, personally. It's definitely a keeper from RB1 if you're a bassist.

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may not be the most diverse song out there for vocals..... GoldAnthro
.....but damn is it entertaining to sing. it switches between an almost rapping like set of verses/lyrics and a memorable and catchy chorus.
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