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Released October 26, 2010 for Rock Band
Rock Band 3 Import
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Genre: Rock
Album: Them Crooked Vultures (2009)

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A Bassist's Best Friend Karmeleaux
Five-stars, incredibly hard to describe.

The easiest way to describe this song is every fourth bar is a fill, but so is every seventh. So in general, you're playing rhythm rhythm rhythm fill, rhythm rhythm fill fill. Even that's not entirely accurate, there's a number of times where he deviates from that just for his own kicks. And seeing how you're playing his parts, you benefit.

But I didn't really describe the fills, you say? I really can't in a succinct manner. Short HO/PO chains, bass chords, strum pattern changes, but most common of all, really really fun scales. It's got everything you want in a bass, provided you want everything.

If you enjoy bass, you'll enjoy playing this song. So play it.

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