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Released November 12, 2009 for Rock Band
The White Stripes 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: White Blood Cells (2001)

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"This bass thinks it's guitar. Nice try, bass!" Karmeleaux
Well, actually, it IS guitar in this case. The more rhythmic part, the more distorted part. As such, it plays like a low-level chord heavy guitar. You get the intro, which is something. It's got a few little flourishes, but more importantly it's got a lot of dead space during the verses.

And then the chorus and bridge are the EXACT same as guitar, except every now and then one of them has two muted notes into a chord the other doesn't.

It's overall a weak bass part and, were it charted to guitar, it would be a weak guitar part, but really people shouldn't have high expectations for the White Stripes on bass anyway.

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Fallout Phoenix
Not as hard as the tier suggests though there are a few tricky phrases, mainly the ones that have higher pitches. The formula is really simple as well since it's tambos and then singing in the same format, repeat. Still a great vocal track.

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