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Released May 4, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Metal
Album: Wide Awake (2010)

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Dearest, I'm so sorry. Cool guitar. Caleb
This is pretty cool, like I mentioned in the vocal review.

The opening guitar riff is really the only reason this song is tier four though. A moderately fast series of downward scales that really should not be too hard to get past. The main verse riff and Chorus Riff are all chords, and the bridge is a series of slow gallops.

Overall not a hard song by any means, but beginners beware I suppose. Also, extremely high Gold Star Cutoff.
Activate in the chorus, the intro riff, and the part in the bridge with the slow HO/POs. That's how I do it.


PS: Fun fact, the vocalist is the daughter of one of the Allman Bros. Cool huh? lol
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Dearest (I'm so sorry): Good vox, but really easy Caleb
Not a very hard song at all for vox. When you figure out the lyrics for it, the pitch is really easy to figure out.
But it is a catchy song, that's cool to listen to. It's also a buck. Which is a bonus. I only bought it because it was so cheap, but it turned out to be a pleasant surprise.
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