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Released December 8, 2008 for Rock Band
Rock Band 2 Bonus
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Genre: Emo
Album: Lost in the Sound of Separation (2008)

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Alright I Can't Understand The Song Enough To Title This Karmeleaux
A fairly low three-star thanks to the chorus, but has other parts that will engage fans.

The verse rhythm is focused on short sustains, it has green orange reaches, including a green pull-off from the end of an orange sustain which is weird and fun. Good movement, a few fun pull-offs, variates some to keep it engaging.

Then we get to the chorus. Straight eighths moving slowly around the fretboard. And unfortunately, this is a pretty long part, and repeated multiple times.

The next verse switches halfway to one focused on a strum pattern/sustain pattern, which slowly moves around the fretboard.

The bridge is sustain focused and features a three-note bass chord(!), before switching into a strum pattern focused rhythm that moves slowly around the fretboard.

Finally, for the outro, there's mostly straight edges primarily on the orange but there's a pull-off to yellow mixed in there frequently, including after orange sustains.

Verse and outro are fairly fun, the bridge is decent, chorus is boring. Comes together to a passable experience for fans.

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