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Released August 28, 2012 for Rock Band
Rock Band Blitz Soundtrack
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Genre: Nu-Metal
Album: The Sound of Madness Deluxe (2010)

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Some Good, Some Bad Dr Sardonicus
I wasn't expecting much from Diamond Eyes was announced. I was expecting a by-the-numbers hard rock chart. And these expectations weren't unfounded, but at least it managed to still be pretty fun.

You start off with chords. They come at a decent pace, and you move around enough to be enjoyable, though it does have the chord transition hammer-ons I hate so much. After the spoken-word part, the main riff kicks in, which is formed on hammer-ons based on the green note, this part is really fun, but is followed by the most annoying part, alt-strumming madness based on the blue note going over to the orange or green after 3-4 notes.

After this is the verse riff, which is composed of lots of chords. I found this part to be fun, especially since the chord pattern is unlike most songs in drop-D, where it's charted as chord spamming. All the transitions are natural and fun. After this is the bridge, where you first play a pattern that goes R-RY-RB at a very fast pace followed by a string of YB, followed a pattern similar to the beginning of Give it Away based on the green and blue notes.

The chorus, on the other hand, is as basic as possible, with straight chord playing. You then play these parts as they come along, including the intro riff right before the solo. The solo is really fun, with a lot of great ho/po patterns. Sadly, after the solo it's nothing but slow playing and the chorus. Overall this is good, but not excellent. There are some great parts, but overall it goes too long, and it slogs whenever the chorus comes up. I give it a 4.
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