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Released May 4, 2010 for Rock Band
Tragic Kingdom: The Deep Cuts
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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: Tragic Kingdom (1995)

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Simply Sexy. Enough said. Karmeleaux
This is a song I think truly truly deserves a five star, and you'll be able to tell because as per usual I will have a hard time describing it.

First and foremost, the chorus rhythm has various HO/PO scales in it. This means you get to see this a lot, and it is a blast. The verse is built similarly but simpler, although there is a part that moves around the fretboard in a slow scale.

Really, this would already be pushing five star to me, but this song isn't afraid to bring in more rhythms to support these. It exercises a new equally fun rhythm during the guitar solo, and during the outro it variates on the feel on of the intro.

Overall it's an absolute blast with no notable down points. Pretty much the must have for bass from this pack, and probably in general.

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