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Released February 25, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: Read Between the Lines (2009)

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Somewhat Surprising Saccian
Before I played this song, I noticed the guitar part had an average rating of 5 stars. I was rather surprised to see this being that it is such a low difficulty song. I am admittedly a little biased at times though as I prefer the harder stuff and skip the lower tiers whenever possible when playing solo. Unless of course I just want to hear a song that I like.

I was pleasantly surprised that the note chart makes good use of all the buttons and you don't play around the same 3-4 chords like most easy songs. The song is fairly simple although there are a few quick strums between chord changes that can break combos.

The song itself isn't that bad either. If you enjoy female rock music or say that Headphones On song, you would probably enjoy playing this one too. I don't mind playing along to Headphones On either, so take that for what its worth(just don't tell any of my friends I said that :P). For an easy song, its fairly fun to play. I don't quite think it is worth of a full 5 stars though.
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