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Released December 20, 2011 for Rock Band
Experience Jimi Hendrix 01
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: Rainbow Bridge (1971)

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This chart is one of my favorites of the Experience Jimi Hendrix 01 for good reason: it is probably one of the more underrated guitar charts of the past 8 months in Rock Band.

One of the best things about this chart is that it barely ever repeats itself. Each chorus has a completely different guitar line. The first verse will test your might at alt-strumming and three-note-chords if you are new to expert.

There are also three guitar solos in this song, all three of which are fun and are the type of solos that are not too hard, but not too easy. They make you feel like a badass whenever you nail them, too. And the last one is over a minute long and can cause a choke for the uninitiated.

Still this is one of the best guitar songs in one of my favorite packs from 2011. GET IT if you are a guitarist.
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