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Released July 24, 2012 for Rock Band

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Genre: Indie Rock
Album: Torches (2011)

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Don't Stop (Color on the Walls) (Guitar Hero Live)
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Yoshimi Pt 2, but more varied, and shorter! Poinkish
"Don't Stop" is probably my favourite Guitar song this week. Not because it's particularly challenging or difficult, but because it's a fun, and very laidback chordfest and the song compliments the chart nicely with it's upbeat lyrics and ambient background noise.

The song mainly consists of very steady strumming which has your fingers hopping between single notes and 2 note chords, gradually rising, and then falling back down the fretboard. I

There's also a short break in the middle of the song with a guitar melody consisting of single note sustains and a few hammer-ons which adds a bit of welcome variety to the proceedings.

Then it's back to the chordy sections again with a few deviations from the first time to spice things up a little such as a couple of breif gallops, and a breif swith-up to three note chords too. This chart isn't going to win any awards at the end of the year, but it's a nice laid-back chart for a fun upbeat sounding song. I'd recommend it.
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Strong 2 to Light 3 murakaz
This song features even less variety than Helena Beat, and it really isn't all that great to sing because of it. The verses and choruses both use the same movement (albeit in different octaves) over and over again throughout the entire song, the only saving grace are the 2 whistling bits. Even the part where you follow the guitar melody has you repeating "Don't Stop", which you say about 30 to 40 times in 2.5 minutes.

All that said, the harmonies are decent, and are used throughout most of the song. Give it a look if you do harmonies, otherwise this one is for fans only.
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There's nothing else quite like this! Poinkish
"Don't Stop" is easily one of the more unusually charted keys songs I've played in Rock Band. There's an weird mix of sounds throughout this song that you play, from whistling, to what sounds like satellite beeping sounds too.

The whistling kicks of the track, which consists of basic held single notes, and some slightly movement around the fretboard.

Then shortly after that the beeping kick in, requiring you to test your key tapping skills as you'll be play a bunch of rapidly played keys up and down the fretboard, played in short bursts, it's weird, but it's satisfying and great fun to hit though!

There's even a very tricksy long snake of notes to play a couple of times throughout which are also a blast to play, that is if you're quick enough to hit them.

Overall this is one really weird, unique keys chart, and one of the better keys charts we've had this year. Keys players would do well to get both FTP songs this week!
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Yet another fun FTP bass chart. Poinkish
"Don't Stop" is for me, just a fun song overall for pretty much every instrument I play. It straddles that fine line between easy and fun that I wish a lot more lower tier songs could.

The bass part is no exception. It's a nice mix of constant fretboard movement up and down the neck, with some very nicely placed hammer-ons, single note sustains and gallops that feel satisfying to hit, but not taxing on the fingers either.

It doesn't let up through the songs 3 minute running time, and much like the Guitar chart, doesn't outlive it's welcome because of how brief the song is, thus preventing repetition.

Much like the other FTP song, I have no problem recommending this to fellow bassists!
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