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Released May 19, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: Frampton Comes Alive! (1976)

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Do You Feel Like We Do? (Live) (Guitar Hero)
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5/5 ordealbyfire
This is pretty much an expected, no-brainer, 5/5 rating on guitar. There are several guitar solos - I don't know the exact number - that aren't particularly difficult until the end, where I'd think the average player, unexpectedly, would fail out on Expert if they hadn't heard the song before. A 13-minute must-buy jam, in my book, especially if you're a guitarist.
05.19.11 8:46pm 0 Replies | Reply +7 Relevance
When I first heard this song was coming to the game I was really excited for the keyboard solo, but I was worried that the rest of the song might get a bit boring on keys. Luckily I was very wrong. Even when the keys aren't taking the lead, they're still busy and difficult. Even during the slower parts the keys part never really repeats itself, throwing in some arpeggios and different chord types to keep things interesting.

If you're into keys, this song is a must buy.
05.22.11 12:22am 0 Replies | Reply +6 Relevance
Pro Keys jackshiels
Hard as hell on pro keys, but probably one of the best DLC songs for the expert player. The solo is ridiculous, but at the same time somewhat doable. During the guitar solos the keys remain fun to play, despite being fairly mellow and reclusive.
01.03.12 8:40am 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
4/5 ordealbyfire
The song itself is a winner - anyone who's anybody has heard this song, and it's a classic. Anyways, that's really besides the point. Drums on this song are hit and miss. During the guitar solos, which are PRETTY long, you'll find yourself doing the exact same thing on the Y and B pads over and over for several minutes.. my shoulder wound up cramping up from it. Before and after then though, the song is a lot of fun, for sure. It's also kind of odd looking up near the end of the song and seeing a score of 500k and not having gold stars. "Do You Feel Like We Do" is a marathon song, and a good one at that. For $2, you'd be stupid not to get it.
06.17.11 10:50pm 1 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
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