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Released December 10, 2009 for Rock Band

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Genre: Indie Rock
Album: Dreaming of Love (Single) (2009)

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Ryan - "i dont remeber buying this song. Can some one tell me why i ..." -- Read more
Just your average bass line non_zero
This is your typical moderate tempo bass line, you strum one note for a while and then you switch to another. Sometimes the transition from note to note is connected with a 3-note ho/po chain, and in the middle you go up and down a bit instead of fixating on one note. It's mildly engaging but nothing really stands out.
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Fallout Phoenix
The first free song in the Music Store that is somewhat hard. While it won't be making any heads turn for any of it's instruments, it's still nice considering it's free.

Now on to the review, you may be shocked to see this made Impossible vocals, I know I was. When you first start playing it doesn't feel Impossible but once it starts rolling you'll notice that the pitches are inconsistent and require constant changing. Even the chorus is hard since it has a recurring high pitched "Ooh hoo" and again inconsistent pitches.

Of course people who have been destroying expert vocals won't be challenged that harshly. In addition the song isn't high up either being between Henrietta and Space Truckin'. Needless to say people who have just started expert vocals won't be getting good scores on this one.

However, like all vocal songs it's difficulty changes with the person playing it. Overall Harmonix most likely put this in Impossible because the pitches change quickly and has a very huge range. Get it since it's free and delete it if you don't like it. It's not like you have something to lose.

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Probably the best free song! nascarfan19
This has to be my favorite free song in Rock Band. There is very little repitition, lots of different patterns, and these patterns involve some challenge since most of them require moving through all the pads at various times.

Overall, this song is very fun to play and challenging (except maybe bass).

Plus, it's free, so go buy it!
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Plays better than it sounds Drumony
The intro & outro to this track consists of some easy movement along the frets. The majority of the song actually includes a lot of two and three chord notes with a few single notes thrown into the mix. But be careful not too overlook those pair of single notes that may throw off your rhythm strumming along to this chordlike fest. And if you're not use to the combo of green-orange chords apearing in your guitar chart then be ready! You can easily get away with just down strumming the whole song even during the fastest part which appears towards the middle-end of this tune. No solo either to this indie-rock track. It may not be the most exciting guitar track but free DLC is good no matter what.
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Dreaming of Love: Hoo boy, this one's hard! Caleb
A great song for vocalists, but it's one tough cookie! Even though I'm super familiar with it, I still have trouble keeping a consistent combo, the "Ooh woo ooh" parts really mess me up.

Despite the difficulty, it's a super awesome song. And, it's free!!!

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The best free Rock Band song. It's fairly difficult on all instruments, but it's about as good as a free song could be.
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