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Released October 16, 2008 for Rock Band
Dr. Feelgood
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Genre: Metal
Album: Dr. Feelgood (1989)

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Dr. Feelgood (Rocksmith)
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It's not a very fast moving song, and doesn't really have any rides on the hi-hat or other cymbals. The bass pedal tends to hit after or before other notes instead of with them. It's certainly a little out of the ordinary but not very challenging.

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The main riff is a pattern that you don't see to often, it's pretty fun to do once you figure it out. You just have to keep your finger on green and tap the other notes.

The solo's pretty fun too, a bit on the hard side. A lot of rapid strumming and fast cascading triplets. The triplets go right to left, though, which makes them harder than they would be left to right.

So, overall it's an interesting and challenging song.

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While this song is a great addition to our Rock Band family, I cant help but feel like its missing something.

The Main Riff is fun, and challenging (as far as main riffs go), but lets face it, challenging main riffs arent the most fun thing in the world after you have played the song a few times... your hands start to hurt, and you yearn for something a little... slower, sadly.

I'm not taking off any points for the riff though, its fun, and probably wont hurt everyones hands as bad as they hurt mine, but I found it to be problematic, all the same.

Also, the solo is pretty damn epic. Its also quite challenging. New-to-Expert players will have quite an issue getting through this one. Its not Afterlife or Green Grass, but its still quite a challenge. The solo is awesome, and easily the best part about playing this song.

Other than the main-riff and the solo, the chorus and fills are pretty much powerchord fests, and thats all good and fine, but it just leaves you wanting more after the song is over.

I cant explain it, but after playing it a few times, and sitting down to write the review... it just doesnt feel like a five-star calibur song to me. Its still great, and should be bought by everybody, but its just... I dont know, missing that special something.

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