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Released February 19, 2008 for Rock Band

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Genre: Alternative
Album: Pinkerton (1996)

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Excellent Bass Held Back By Dead Space Karmeleaux
This is another great bass part that has the unfortunate catch of having undesirable rhythm before its good parts.

In this case, the undesirable rhythm is nothing at all during the verses. This is pretty bad, but when the chorus rhythm comes in you almost forget all about it. It's a fairly slow rhythm, but it moves around a lot throws a lot of notes (of different frets) into the cracks of the rhythm, and ends with two bass chords, even. I don't remember if the first chorus has some HO/POs, but all the other ones definitely do.

Another verse, and then this the chorus throws different bass fills at you, including an unexpected trill on the blue and orange. From here, you go into the bridge, which mostly focuses on changing the strum pattern rather than frets as much. The bass starts to cool down for the guitar solo, and then another dead verse.

The last chorus is exceptionally strong, though. Among the rhythm is a long scale that travels through all of the frets and many of them twice, and eventually ends up playing along with the guitar part before scaling back out of it.

It's a great time when you're playing, but that's the catch, you're not playing for the entirety of three verses and that feels like too much for a lot of people to enjoy. Still, if you can stand to sit through the breaks, I think most people who enjoy what is in the song (and there's so much there).

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Extremely easy, but the variety you get when it changes to the punk section makes up for that a bit.

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The bass is better than guitar in this song. Tricky alt-strumming sections. The only reason it isn't great is because you don't play the entire time.

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Nice quirky beat. And the middle punk part is pretty fun.

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