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Released July 15, 2008 for Rock Band
Best of The Who
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: It's Hard (1982)

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A Long, Boring Journey, But It Might Be Worth the Trip Karmeleaux
Let's start with the bad. Which the song coincidentally starts with as well. There's a guitar intro, where you play nothing. There's the intro rhythm, where you play nothing for a bit, before switching between LONG sustains of green and yellow. And you keep doing that through the guitar solo, AND through the first verse.

Why didn't this song get one star? Simple. If you force yourself through that, from the chorus out (even the next verse) is pretty much a sort of jam on bass, and it's great. The song after the first chorus is easily a song I can see every bassist having a great time with, there's scales, there's HO/POs, there's everything you dreamed of (I think I even saw that girl who rejected a date from me, but this time she was totally into me).

So, much like Magic Bus (Live), this song provides great entertainment, but ONLY after sitting through some stuff no one enjoys. Therefore, I can't universally recommend it, but if you have enough patience, this guy will definitely reward you in the end.

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