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Released April 13, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: Elect The Dead (2007)

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Empty Walls - Drums Review tman692
For one, amazing song vocals are amazing. The drumming is also in great fun. It is rated 5 on the tier chart for a good reason.

The song starts out quickly with a alternating bass kick and snare drum beat with a fast crash cymbal on the side. Throw in a few double kicks at the end of each measure and you can get through the intro.

The verse is pretty simple high-hat snare roll combination. Nothing too difficult. Where it picks up is the chorus. You get going fast on the ride cymbal with slight bass kick variations but then the snare hits you. Alternating on and off beat snare hits with a kick thrown right in the middle. Makes for great fun if you can get through it.

After the first few measures of this are done the rest of the chorus is a slightly more simple version of the first part.

Rinse and repeat to the end of the song where it ends off nicely. Hope you have fun with this one!
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