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Released March 19, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: New Magnetic Wonder (2007)
Author: GamerBeatsInc

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Catchy, Yet Repetitive and Cheesy. Alluminated Guy
Starting with the first line in the song which also happens to be the chorus "And The World Is Made Of Energy" a Psychedelic Pop vibe can be gained.

After singing those lines (or at least the same pitch) for roughly 50 seconds, the once enjoyable sing becomes sonewhat of a chore.

Once the bridge/verse appears, a slight variation in the pitch occurs, however continues on the pitches it started on for the bridge/verse.

What this song lacks is the ability to challenge the vocalist whilst maintaining the catchy pop status that this song had achieved. Not generally a bad tune, but the repetition will degrades the vocals re-playability.

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