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Released June 9, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Progressive
Album: Epic Symphony in A Flat Minor (2011)
Author: VanFriscia

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Out of all of the Epic symphonies, this is the best Caleb
I recently played all three in a row from first to third. And I must say that the third movement is the best. Why? Well read on.

This song is perfect, it is difficult while not being totally impossible. While the first and second movements were great songs, they seemed to be more focused on difficult guitar charts rather than good musical value and a smooth play through.

The first movement seemed to have no flow, the song felt sectioned off. The second movement was way too hard and too long. Fun for when you are in the mood, but it certainly offers little to no break and really tires you out.

The third movement seemed more well-refined than the previous two. The songs main riff is a series of gallops with some anchored hammer ons. The song also comes with two solos, both of which have lots of moderately fast hopos.

Certainly not a hard song for an experienced player, but it is definitely more enjoyable and truly feels like a symphony. The guitar shines, but most of the time outside of the solos, it is mainly a rhythm part. Which does work to it'd advantage, it keeps it from being a constant shred fest.

I highly recommend it to those wanting a truly epic song to play.
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