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Released January 12, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: Eisenhower (2006)
Author: TheAuthority

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Another Great Bass That's Held Back By Repetition Karmeleaux
This song has all the makings of a strong five-star bass in it: bass chords, various scales, good number of HO/POs, and tons of variations.

However, it's spread over five and a half minutes, and unfortunately many of those are lacking in portions of the song.

The intro riff is simply excellent, great movement with some single HO/POs in there. However, from there, it goes into the verse, which are largely built around long sustains (often on the same fret). There's some variation there (especially in later verses, which have some truly spectactular stuff in them), but at the very least the first verse is absolute bass whiplash.

The chorus rhythm plays along with guitar for a short bit for the short scales and then some bass chords in there. However, it deviates from guitar and starts moving around slowly on its own for the second half of the chorus, which keeps it from getting repetitive.

Eventually we end back up in the intro riff, with slight variations within it as well as scales in lieu of a measure every now and then. It's overall an enjoyable experience, but it might be kinda repetitive by the end and also ends on what is largely straight eighths (with some admittedly weird strumming in there) slowly moving around the fretboard.

It's got some truly amazing bass in there, but it's also got some major downtime during the verses. Another bass's strength that depends on your patience, but anyone should find something enjoyable in there.

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