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Released November 24, 2009 for Rock Band
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Live 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: The Live Anthology (2009)

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Fairly Average Rhythm Held Up by Scales Karmeleaux
Like American Girl (Live), this song suffers from the unfortunate choice to have the verse rhythm be incredibly similar to the chorus rhtyhm.

However, this has two distinct advantages over American Girl (Live). The first is the rhythm moves around the fretboard better and isn't as repetitive, as very minute changes are thrown in throughout (occassionally a strummed will be a HO/PO, a very short HO/PO flourish, so forth) that keep it from wearing down anywhere as fast, as well as the occasional bass chords.

The second is the flourishes come in earlier (partially because the guitar solo does), and they're even more varied than American Girl (Live), before it turns into a sort of jam abandoning the original rhythm entirely in favor for all sorts of movements around the fretboards with different strum patterns and HO/PO combinations for the last minute.

As such, I can see this bass being appealing to people who haven't played this song before (although not ALL of them), so I'd say it's pretty strong.

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