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Released October 26, 2010 for Rock Band
Rock Band 3 Import
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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: Songs from the Big Chair (1985)

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It's alright zyyzyyzyy
This song has only two patterns throughout the song. Both of them are pretty unique to this song, and they are fun-ish to play, but they can be really awkward at times and it can be a pain timing the notes. For some strange reason, the tempo is very difficult to grasp, which can throw a lot of people off guard on sightread.

There is enough variation in this song and the pattern is good and challenging enough to keep drummers out of total boredom. However, this song doesn't really have anything special about it on drums, and it turns out to be a pretty mediocre chart.

Grade: C
Rating: 3/5
Difficulty: ⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚫️
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Marred By a Lack of Vision. ah, ah Karmeleaux
Shufflin' on the green note greets you for the entirety of the verse rhythm. The chorus moves slowly up the neck, and even changes the rhythm slightly for the second half. Before the next verse, the shuffle oddly has one note on blue and one on green for a bit.

Then we repeat the whole thing. The bridge is sustains, but honestly it's a bit refreshing after shuffling for the rest of the song. The last chorus changes the rhythm slightly more for the second half, and the guitar solo is the verse rhythm.

So well, it has some okay parts in there, the shuffle up during the chorus, the blue/green thing between verses. But most of the song is just a green shuffle, and it no doubt takes away even for fans.

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A blast! Nicolas-1223
This song is one of my personal favorites on Rock Band 3, and I've played it over 50 times. The keys chart is definitely amazing, with lots of variety and a keys solo thrown in towards the middle.
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