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Released November 3, 2009 for Rock Band
LEGO Rock Band Import
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Genre: Rock
Album: Ghost in the Machine (1981)

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Probably the Best Police Bass Karmeleaux
I dig a lot of Police, but let's face it, Sting's not the most noteworthy bassist. Most of the time he's playing a really repetitive rhythym for the verses and then another for the choruses. Occasionally he'll throw in a unique bass part that doesn't stick around long enough (Next to You, Can't Stand Losing You), but outside of that they're really unnoteworthy.

The verse (and bridge) of this song is built around sustains, but they move around the fretboard and have occasional single not HO/POs in there sometime. But it's not what we're here for, regardless.

The chorus is surprising for a Sting bass, as it has a few chains of HO/POs that cover the fretboard, and a good amount of movements and HO/POs outside of that. This is pretty enjoyable, and they variate slightly every time. As the end of the song approaches, the song in general chartwise becomes more diverse, enjoyable, and HO/PO-laden until the part at the very end.

Unfortunately, this balances out to a merely average bass part, as the sustains simply make up too much of the song to ignore. Overall it should be enjoyable to bassists who like the song, though.

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