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Released September 20, 2011 for Rock Band
Celebrating Nirvana
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Genre: Grunge
Album: In Utero (1993)

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Instrument Played: Cello Dr Sardonicus
I remember when this pack came out, I though it'd be another no-keys week like Soundgarden. Instead, they charted cello to keys for All Apologies, one of Nirvana's best songs. And oh boy is it a boring one.

For the intro and verses, you play a slow, boring, and long sustain pattern, switching between the E and F# note. Then for the choruses, you play two chords over and over again. It's a remarkably dull song. The other instruments are fun, so play those instead.
06.13.13 11:51pm 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
Great chart, alot of movement Madotsuki
This song was actually pretty surprising to me (even though I've heard it before, shut up), it has a much different guitar chart than most other Nirvana songs.
Unlike most Nirvana chordfests, this song is mostly alot of picking single notes with alot of movement, rather than a bunch of chords.
Throughout alot of the song, you're playing single notes all across the fretboard with some chords here and there, which is, put together, an absolute blast on guitar.
The outro, however, is a bit different, where you're pretty much holding one chord as it sustains for awhile, until you hit it again a few more times, and then the ending where you're just hitting some random notes and playing feedback.
Overall, this song is alot of fun on guitar, as well as being quite a bit more different than most other Nirvana songs.
If you mainly play guitar, this is a very entertaining song on guitar, and I would recommend it for guitarists, especially if you like Nirvana.
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The only apology you should give is not releasing a keys par finallife6
This review im going to review the keys but the problem is its actually a cello which is a problem with most songs these days charting keys not there
Anyways after that the "cello" part is all these sustains for verses and then during the chorus there's a couple of chords. It is somewhat fun during the chorus verses not at all and at the all in all is all we are part in the last minute and half there is no playing til it comes in again as this random part

I'll give it a 2 its not fun but is "playable" just why you would want to play it more then once is beyond me
01.23.12 6:39pm 4 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
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