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Released February 14, 2012 for Rock Band
Gold Star My Heart 01
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Genre: Glam
Album: Open Up and Say... Ahh! (1988)

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A chill, but enjoyable bassline! Poinkish
Even though this was a very easy bassline to play, I actually found it enjoyable enough to play considering the theme and general pacing of the song. You basically play a series of held single notes which then segue into some breif spurts of strummed single notes and hammer-ons, rinse and repeat.

It's an enjoyable enough, chilled-out bassline that I personally wouldn't mind sticking on when I just want to relax after a hard metal song. Not bad.
02.15.12 2:36am 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
Highlight of the week on Guitar! Poinkish
This song genuinely surprised me. While the majority of the song will have you strumming acoustic chords, the patterns you strum vary a little and it makes for a nice chill intermission between the three short, but fun solos with plenty of fun hammer-ons to hit throughout. There's even a fun section halfway that has you tapping up and down the fretboard. Overall this is probably the most fun ballad song in Rock Band at the moment, and well worth the price of admission. The Guitarist pick of the week in my opinion.
02.14.12 3:13pm 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
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