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Released December 11, 2008 for Rock Band
No Doubt: The Singles 1992-2003
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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: The Singles 1992-2003 (1995)

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TheDescent - "I just wanted to remember everyone that this song has a brok..." -- Read more
Lots of alt-strumming, great movement, pretty difficult Madotsuki
Theres alot of fast alt-strumming, pre-chord alt-strumming and lots of movement around chords thats alot of fun.
The verses have alot of tricky movements with single-notes, chords, and quick HO/POs all over the place that are pretty difficult to play the first few times.
Theres a middle section where you're mostly playing 2-note chords and it gets really easy for a bit.
The rest of the song is mostly alot of alt-strumming, and tricky switching around the fretboard, and the yet guitar part never quite stays the same.
Overall, this song has alot of movement, is very diverse, quite difficult, and is just incredibly fun to play on guitar.
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This song has a punk-like beat, with off-beat fast repetitive bass pedal. However, there's a fun section in the middle that's a back-and-forth roll between the red and yellow notes, which makes it pretty entertaining for me. And also a cool drum outro. This song has character.

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