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Released September 14, 2008 for Rock Band
Rock Band 2 Import
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Genre: Rock
Album: Eye of the Tiger (1982)

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So Many Times, It Happens... Karmeleaux
This a three-star review, but unlike most, it's a combination of two-star and four-star parts instead of three-star throughout.

The beginning of the song follows the guitar chords. It's decent fun. Then we enter the rhythm for the rest of the majority of the song.

Fourth notes on blue. Now, this isn't the only thing in the verse, every other measure there's a small fill back into this, most often a GrRy sort of deal but there's a number of different ones as the song continues. The verse moves a BIT more as it approaches the chorus, but only worth mentioning as a change.

The chorus is focused on fourths for the most part, but has a few different strum pattern changes in there. It ends with following the guitar chords which equates to a fun scale, and has a green-orange reach and a decent length pull-off chain.

Then we're back for the verse, then the chorus. The outro is a modified version of the verse that also combines the intro rhythm of following the iconic guitar line in there, and some new fills and strum pattern changes. This section is really fun, it's a shame it's saved until the end.

The verses are noticeably dull outside of their small fills, the choruses are alright, and the outro is a fun time. I think togetherBass Rating
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