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Released March 26, 2013 for Rock Band
Chevelle 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: Hats Off to the Bull (2011)

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I've had a taste of this chart, it's not bad. Caleb
Chevelle for me is one of those bands that had that one song that sounded cool, and thatsaboudit.

The song is off of one of their newest albums, hats off to the bull and I gotta say, it's not that bad of a song!

I've heard songs off of this album being played on my Rishloo pandora station (weird I know) and I have to say it's better than their older stuff by far.

Anyway on to the chart. It's a moderately simple chart that consists of slow descending scales with the odd chord thrown in. A little chord ascension during the pre-chorus, and the same pattern repeated for the chorus, and that's most of the song.

The bridge has this cool little chord pattern that jumps around the board a bit to offer some needed variety. Repeat the previous patterns and end it with a strum lane, and that's Face To The Floor in a nutshell.

Like I said, it's not a BAD song, nor is it a BAD chart. It's playable, fun, and semi-interesting. Buy if you're a fan, or if you need a little variety in your library. If you were to choose one out of the pack, this would be it.

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