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Released January 25, 2011 for Rock Band
David Bowie 02
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Genre: Glam
Album: Young Americans (1975)

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Dog - "Fun fact: John Lennon has a writing credit on [i]Fame[/i] an..." -- Read more
Fame should be shared, that's what makes it interesting Lowlander2
Previously in GH5, now David Bowie's hit 1975 song co-written by John Lennon is available for Rock Band. How does it fare?

SOLO: Solo vocals are alright. There's variation within each of the verse and chorus phrases, but it's all pre-punctuated with "Fame!" which soon gets annoying before the song hits the halfway mark. Later on, the song gets really challenging, with a distorted voice part which has these ridiculously high and low pitches that neither Mercury nor Halford could achieve. Decent, but very repetitive.

HARMONIES: The harmonies here are pretty much like the solo vocals; decent to sing, but with very little variation. The yellow part is almost always the part that has that stagnant pitched "Faaaame!" at the beginning of a phrase, which is often sung by the lead in solo mode. The orange part is a high-pitched, but short "Fame!" following after the yellow. The blue part is one that gets all of the action. What makes these harmonies good though, is that they are a fundamental of the song. Without them, it's be a lot worse to listen to.
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