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Released December 21, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Nu-Metal
Album: Numb (2003)

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LunaticSoul - "A song for european audience, and HMX forgot to put in on th..." -- Read more
Unfortunately, I know a lot of people didn't even consider this song, but hey, If you're looking for good band material that has been lacking in the last few weeks, this might be a song you could take a look to.

First of all, Guitar/Bass are solid thorough all the chart, with a good acustic intro on the Guitar side; also, you have something to do on Keys, and easy to play Harmonies, if you're able to sing in Ghetto Italian rap, of course..

..But what is really good here is the Drum chart, Even though it's Nu-Metal this song is really full of variety, fun drum rolls, weird time, paradiddles on cymbals.. Hey, it's that fun. Might be your suprisingly good RB3 DLC when you're in a rainy day and you want to play something new.
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