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Released July 8, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Metal
Album: Option Paralysis (2010)
Author: ThatAuthoringGroup

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Call me crazy, but this drum chart is one of the funnest ones out there.

The first time you play this is terrifying. You hear the guitar and you know you're in for it. Suddenly, "WAAAASHHH IT DOOOOWWWWNNNN" and you fail.

This song takes a lot of practice just to pass. It starts off with the hardest part of the song, which is very technical red/yellow bashing. After that, you get a 'break' with normal red/cymbal bashing. It immediately goes back to the technical red/yellow bashing (you better hope that you get that unison). Now, if you got past that part for the first time, you're probably about to pass out. The song eases up for a bit, then some more bashing. Next, the guitar plays for a second while you rest and then OH GOD WHAT IS THIS? If you're on pro drums, this is the second hardest part of the song. After the OHGODWHAT part, you have to do some more technical cymbal/snare stuff. Failing here is the worst thing you can do in this song.

Eventually, you hear "WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO FEEEEEL"
and before you know it, the hard part is over. There's still 4 minutes left, but if you just beat the first part, this will be no problem to you. If you beat the hard part for the first time, this will be 4 minutes of bashing the notes in happiness that you just got past it. Really there isn't much worth mentioning now. It's just normal fun drum stuff.

If you're looking for the ultimate (non-WAHNTHAC-blasting) challenge, this (or Heavy Weather) is it. Once you get the hang of it, it's really fun.
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Boring Empty Space SlayerIsTheStuff
There are only 2 parts in this song that have Keys:

1: The chant (everything has an end), which is just chord sustains.

2: The very end, which is just G-R-RBO a couple times.

It's overtiered even for a tier 1.
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