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Released January 31, 2012 for Rock Band

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Genre: Punk
Album: All Killer, No Filler (2001)

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The best punk guitar chart finally comes to Rock Band! Poinkish
Ever since the dawn of the popularity of home music games, Fat Lip has always been considered as one of the best Guitar songs in any game in my opinion, even in the ageing GH1 it was a total blast to play, and the Rock Band version is no exception.

It all starts off with the songs iconic opening riff, which has you ascending up the fretboard from green to blue, and from green to orange at a steady pace, followed by some steadily paced chords and hammer-ons that have your fingers moving up to the far right of the board, hitting a small 3 note trill of blue and orange, this part is pretty easy to play, but engaging enough and pretty fun. This all leads up to the most energetic part of the song, a series of alt strummed single notes and chords, with a couple of fast triple strums thrown in as you switch lanes frequently. This can be a tricky part to combo, and you may slip up on it if you're not ready for it.

The song then segues into a bunch of steadily strummed single notes with some gaps inbetween and some hammer-ons thrown in as you find yourself leaping up and down the fretboard playing short bursts of single notes. Then the laid-back quiet part of the song kicks in about halfway through. You'll find yourself playing some slowly strummed single notes that have you zig-zagging back and forth.

All these parts come together to make a fantasic, well-paced and varied guitar chart that never feels dull, or frustrating. It's thoroughly entertaining throughout and one of the most balanced guitar charts in the game, I can't recommend this enough really.
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