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Released August 11, 2009 for Rock Band
Gorillaz 01
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Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Album: Demon Days (2005)

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Feel Good Inc. (Guitar Hero)
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Sha Shaba Da Shaba Da! Person-Man
One of the most well known songs by the Gorillaz is a good nice song that is a fun vocal song.

It starts out with a talkie that with the singer whispering and then jumping to a very high "Feel Good" not that difficult but kinda awkward.

The song is a medium octave tone with a slight nasally to it that its nice and easy to hit. Then the chorus comes in and the vocals clarify and go up a bit. The chorus is just as easy as the rest of the song tho.

Then after the chorus comes a talkie rap part in the hole song there is two rap parts both easy, but because of censoring will throw you off a bit

All in all good song, fun to play, good for warm up.

I rate this song a 10/10
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Nice rhythm, pretty entertaining Madotsuki
For the verses of this song you're mostly playing a single note progression with a few HO/POs at the end, and it repeats a couple of times until the acoustic break.
For the acoustic part you're strumming some chords at a nice smooth rhythm, until the rap section where you go back to that other single note progression.
At the second acoutic break your pretty much just playing single notes rather than chords again until another rap section.
Overall this song is pretty entertaining for the most part, theres only really three different main guitar sections, but each one is fairly fun and the rhythms are certainly entertaining.
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Watch the way you navigate (Hahahahahaaa) Madotsuki
Feel Good Inc. is clearly a bit overdone on the hi-hats and rides on the drums, but its a fun chart that makes up for it.
The song's intro and verses focus on an interesting (and also quite enjoyable) drum beat where you are constantly switching between hitting the hi-hat and ride with a simple kick and snare beat being played on top of that.
There are some tricky things that may catch you off guard every once in awhile such as two crashes and a sneaky green tom.
During the acoustic guitar solo, you play a similar pattern to the rest of the song except you are instead playing over the crash and ride that is a little awkward at first, but you eventually get used to it just like the verse. After that chorus you go to another rap section and you return to the normal hi-hat+ride pattern as earlier.
Overall, this song is a bit overdone, but still enjoyable enough to have a high replay value.
If you like this song, you will very likely want to buy it because it is easy and fun on drums.
If you like the Gorillaz, this is one of the few songs available as DLC by them so you should buy it if you like them.
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Alluminated Guy
Feel Good Inc.'s drums are always in variation, yet a repetion of the variation.
It's a simple drum beat added in with the extra tom and cymbals here and there to make it interesting, however, it is over-done a bit.
Along with the guitar, there is basically two beats you play, the tricky simple beat, and an even simpler tricky beat.

Recomended only if you like the song... however, the drums are nice to play every once and awhile ( play more within a short time span and you will quickly hate these drums).

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