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Released April 6, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Indie Rock
Album: Photosynthesis (2010)
Author: GamerBeatsInc

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If only it could achieve greatness m2cks
"Fight For Greatness" was a song kindly suggested to me by users Cypher and Seressita, and after listening to the brief preview to the song on RBN (and noticing its appealing price) I happily bought it, thinking I had acquired yet another gem for vocals. Unfortunately, as much as I like the song itself, I cannot report the same affection towards the vocals chart.

After an intro with some incredibly complex-sounding guitar, the first verse comes in with some simple lyrics and pitches. The pitches do not move around too drastically in scale, and on sightread I was able to match and adapt to them without any problem at all. Even if I slipped slightly flat or sharp than what the game called for, since the pitches are long with a few sustains mixed in I was given ample time to correct myself.

The chorus is even more minimalist than the previous phrases, with long notes stretching across the vocal space's length. The chorus' pitches ascend high, high to the point of falsetto. Though I could stick to my head voice to hit them, it is definitely more comfortable switching to falsetto to match the original singer.

Sadly, verse two does not deviate from verse one's already simple structure, with matching notes and lyrics placement. After that comes an extended chorus that repeats with different lyrics. It is a welcome variation, but not enough to really engage the vocalist and capture his/her attention.

The chorus that comes after the guitar solo is the same as chorus two but different in one aspect: the original singer sings it in a lower octave. This is most likely an insignificant nitpick here, but I for one like charters to actually chart lower-octave phrases lower, because then it will appear obvious to me that I should prepare myself for a change in singing. I know that if I just sang it like the previous choruses I would be fine, but still it is the principle of the thing (and I like to stick to whatever the singer's actually singing as closely as possible). Anyway, minor gripe aside, the chorus repeats until the drum solo outro at the end with again no variations in either pitch or lyrics.

All in all, "Fight For Greatness" is indeed a great little find among the dozens and dozens of lackluster tracks in RBN, and the band Bloom has certainly got my attention. However, in terms of enjoyment with their vocals chart, it does not offer much in the fun factor. With long, boring sustains and predictable pitches, I say players are better off trying out the other, more challenging instruments (such as the guitar or drums).
08.16.11 5:44am 0 Replies | Reply +4 Relevance
Pop Rock with DAT DRUMS LunaticSoul
When you usually read "Indie Rock", you expect, RB wisely, boring guitar parts and mellow 4/4 beats on drums. WRONG. These guys, which are particularly unknown outside Rock Band (can't find zero to none info about them, just some video on Youtube with less views than the elisoncruz chart video), throw inside RBN2 a 0.99 gem with brilliant keys, harmonies, crazy guitar solo, and one of the SEXIEST ending drum beats ever. Great tom beat that really makes this song amazing on every plastic instrument available. Totally recommended.
06.20.11 3:08pm 0 Replies | Reply +4 Relevance
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