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Released June 19, 2012 for Rock Band

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Genre: Pop/Dance/Electronic
Album: Ocean Eyes (2009)

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Fireflies (Lips)
Fireflies (Guitar Hero)
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Worst Guitar of the Year so far. Poinkish
Yup, with the actual fun part of the song being relegated to keys in Rock Band I was expecting this to be pretty bad, what I didn't expect though was to sit out almost all of the first half of the song with nothing to do at all.

After the long stretch of nothing comes a simple series of steadily strummed two-note chords that scroll slowly down, occasionally giving you a series of slightly faster strummed chords to hit too. Oh the excitement(!)

Then after that it's yet ANOTHER 40 seconds or so of nothing followed by the same chord patterns you hit before, finishing off with the only varied part of the whole song. A series of very slow gallops that switch between red and orange, but before you can even get into it, the song ends.

"Dog Days Are Over" took the prize for worst bass of the year so far, and this takes the prize for worst Guitar. Dedicated guitarists should avoid at all costs.
06.19.12 1:48am 0 Replies | Reply +7 Relevance
It lit up the world as I started to fall asleep... Poinkish
...From the horrendous Guitar chart! Badum-tsh!

Yet another great Legacy keys chart this year. Fireflies offers keys players a great mix of fun and challenge. It's split into two key parts, the first half is a series of steady single notes that have your fingers moving from left to right at a fairly steady pace. There's a nice amount of variety here, and it gives your fingers a good workout, preparing you for the difficult part of the song.

A long string of notes traveling from the right hand of the screen to the left, mainly alternating between O,Y,G and B,Y,G. This part can prove a bit tricky, but it's actually kinda soothing once you get in the groove, and you can kinda space out to the nice ambiance and the groove here. It switches up a second time adding movement up the keyboard too.

Both these parts repeat twice before finishing off nicely with a steadily decreasing series of notes consisting of O,B,R.

Fantastic Keys, and I'd even go as far as recommending to play this on Guitar over the actual Guitar chart, much like "Never Gonna Give You Up".
06.20.12 12:56am 0 Replies | Reply +5 Relevance
It's Okay... Poinkish
Well, unlike the awful Guitar chart, Fireflies actually offers a somewhat simplistic, but competent bass chart that gives you a consistent part to play throughout. It's basically just a series of slowly scrolling single notes that switch from left to right, with a few hammer-ons thrown in every now and then, followed by a series of bass sustains, rinse and repeat. It's nothing special, but it complements the relaxed nature of the song quite well. A good wind-down song on bass.
06.19.12 1:58am 0 Replies | Reply +5 Relevance
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