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Released May 22, 2012 for Rock Band

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Genre: Metal
Album: Piece of Mind (1983)

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Easiest Bass of the Week. Poinkish
Yeah, easiest bass of the week by quite a wide margin. There's a decent amount of variety going on for the difficulty though, focusing on brief, steady gallops that change up often, varying from 3 notes, all the way up to 7 notes per gallop. There's also some sustained notes shortly after that followed by an off-beat section which has you snaking up and down the fretboard as well, but it's nothing difficult and you only play 3 to 4 notes in a row at any given time.

It's clear the Guitar and Drums do most of the legwork here, but for what it is, it's a nice little bassline, and a good wind down from the rest of the pack, relatively short too.
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Surprise, hardest solo in the pack! Poinkish
The shortest song in the pack by a good 2 minutes. What categorizes "Flight Of Icarus" as an epic isn't it's length, but it's focus on booming epic vocals, and it's focus on telling the story of an ancient greek myth "The Flight Of Icarus".

The main meat of "Icarus"'s Guitar work is steady chord gallops, with lots of strumming that implements both single notes and chords, and even some chord hammer-ons too. It's a pretty lax Guitar part for the most part, that is, until the solos kick in.

Solo 1 introduces you to some moderately difficult hammer-ons, trill lanes and chord switches, nothing too taxing for experienced players but there are a few spots where you could get caught out.

Then the main riff kicks in again, before sending you straight into solo 2. It starts out easy enough with some easy sustains and hammer-ons during the first 30%, followed by a slow strumming lane, but the biggest challenge, and the main reason for the songs Final tier rating on Guitar comes during the last 40% of the solo. A hard as nails flurry of crazy fast hammer-ons come at you, for those of you who've mastered the solo buttons or tapping, this is your time to shine!

Definitely one for those of you who love a good challenge. A strong addition to the Maiden collection.
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