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Released May 10, 2012 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: For the Kids of the Multiculture (2011)
Author: RhythmAuthors

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Just awesome Oscarvarium
When I heard this song in playtesting it immediately got stuck in my head. The catchy chorus and heavy riffing instrumentation provide the bedrock for a song that ties together a wide range of genre influences, topped off with a worthy message.

I actually lived for 3 years in Manchester, where the band is from, and the lyrics are extremely identifiable to me. I highly recommend that everyone at least give it a listen because I really haven't heard many other songs with quite such a positive and life-affirming message. I'd hate to be so pretentious as to say something like "this songs speaks to me" but let's just say that if it did speak to me, I'd be agreeing with every word.

From the point of view of a vocals review. There's a simple but cool chorus, then the verses and bridge are pretty much all talkies. You wouldn't expect it to be so much fun to sing, but it really is.
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