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Released November 19, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Metal
Album: ...For We Are Many (2010)
Author: NoisyPuppet

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Damned Forced Strums... Dead Player
Now this song really had the potensial to be pretty fun to play, but it gets really annoying for one simple reason:

The blasted main riff with ancored green notes and higher notes that is for some reason forced to be strums and not Hammmer-ons like a fun riff of this kind should have! Bah!

The rest of the song is basically some slow alt-strums in the chorus and a decent solo that saves it a bit.

Only pick it up for the other instruments or if you are a fan of it. It is after all one of the few good songs from their new album.
02.22.11 8:57pm 2 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
Dead Player - Kind of ironic that the greatest Frets on Fire charter of all time is named Puppetz, while a mediocre RBN charter is named NoisyPuppet. Reply
02.23.11 3:43 pm
Saxy Man - Past experiences with NoisyPuppet's charts have taught me to wait for a video to come out. Reply
02.23.11 2:11 pm
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