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Released June 30, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Alternative
Album: 4 Songs (2010)
Author: DLCquickplay

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Now You'll Know How I Feel About This Chart Karmeleaux
Mm, this is so close to a four-star to me, but I feel like if I bump it up I'll feel guilty of favoritism.

This is much like Werewolves of London and Low Rider where it largely has one rhythm for the entirety of the song, but it variates on it well. When the bass first comes in, it has an interesting strumming pattern for each fret before a HO/PO into the same for another fret. It's actually objectively really fun.

The next part is mostly sustains, but it still involves part of the switch, including the HO/PO. It's really different enough to possibly be considered another rhythm, but fundamentally I feel it's the same.

Soon both of these variations begin add more notes to fill the void. This is where the song starts getting really fun to me.

Finally, the instrumental outro is definitely different enough to be considred another rhythm. The main meat of it is a really fun rhythm that's hard to describe without just saying the chart, so I'll do that: It's like G Y G Y B~~. It's fun and bubbly, and it moves up to do the same for red, then it does a straight eighths slow scale for the fourth bar.

It's pretty fun and a strong three-star, but most of it is based around a single rhythm and I could see people getting tired of that. Still, it's only a buck so it's definitely worth a look if you play something else as well.

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