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Released September 27, 2012 for Rock Band

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Genre: Alternative
Album: 4 Songs (2010)
Author: DLCquickplay

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You May Not Love It Now, But Wait For The Ending Karmeleaux
Much like A Death, this song is more focused on switching the strum pattern then any real notable movement. The straight eighth section wears out a bit quicker because it's not doing as many variations as A Death.

But then, at the end, HO/PO heaven. The end is easily a five-star part, it's SO much fun and it's so hard to describe. I'll do one just to give you an idea gbyb, but it does that four times total before moving it up a fret, then having different versions after that. The general structure is lowest note-highest note-lower note-highest note, but you'll be using different fingers in different configurations depending on which set it's in.

While the beginning is nothing special, the ending is such a blast, I feel like I have to bump it up to a weak four-star to ensure people at least give it a look. Check it out, guys (it's a buck).

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