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Released January 17, 2012 for Rock Band

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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: They Only Come Out At Night (1972)

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Hard, but fun miniviking10
It's hard to describe this song. It starts out amazing and continues to be deliver drum fills/rolls over and over again. There are TWO drums solos, the first one being very fun and technical and the second one being a little harder. I highly recommend you save full star power after the first drum solo because this is where you will likely fail. In this part, it has you riding the crash cymbal and at the same time hitting your drum pedal over and over again pretty fast while also trying to hit the snare drum in between each ride cymbal hit. Very techincal and hard to keep up with. Also towards the end, this song features some of the craziest/fastest drums fills that I reckon most people that play this game can't hit.

It's fun though, and unique, and while many will likely fail at a few points in this song, I recommend it to any expert drummers and fans of this song. It's too awesome
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