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Released January 17, 2012 for Rock Band

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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: They Only Come Out At Night (1972)

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Frankenstein (Rocksmith)
Reviews (5) >> Review by Dr Sardonicus (Guitar) Show:
Hope You're Patient Dr Sardonicus
Back in the original Guitar Hero, Frankenstein was one of the final songs on the setlist, and would have been insanely fun if the engine was fully functional. And now, we have the song with working ho/po's. And it's fantastic... on keytar. Alas, the song was primarily played on keyboard in its real form, and we get the remains. To start on a positive, the song is fantastic to play when you're actually playing. But let's note the when in that sentence. You only pay for about a third to a half of the song, the rest dominated by keyboard and Drums. So if you're prepared to sit around for a while after playing, this is the perfect song for you. If not, and you aren't interested in the other three instruments, which are all fantastic, look elsewhere.
01.27.12 12:10am 1 Replies | Reply -1 Relevance
Caleb - I would give it at least a four. You don't sit and wait for THAT long. Reply
01.27.12 2:47 am
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