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Released January 17, 2012 for Rock Band

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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: They Only Come Out At Night (1972)

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Hard, but fun miniviking10
It's hard to describe this song. It starts out amazing and continues to be deliver drum fills/rolls over and over again. There are TWO drums solos, the first one being very fun and technical and the second one being a little harder. I highly recommend you save full star power after the first drum solo because this is where you will likely fail. In this part, it has you riding the crash cymbal and at the same time hitting your drum pedal over and over again pretty fast while also trying to hit the snare drum in between each ride cymbal hit. Very techincal and hard to keep up with. Also towards the end, this song features some of the craziest/fastest drums fills that I reckon most people that play this game can't hit.

It's fun though, and unique, and while many will likely fail at a few points in this song, I recommend it to any expert drummers and fans of this song. It's too awesome
01.22.12 12:46am 0 Replies | Reply +4 Relevance
Very entertaining chart, very diverse Madotsuki
Why this song is rated as golds on bass but barely 4 stars on guitar while they both have an equal amount of waiting is beyond me.
I mean, theres some empty space during the 2 drum solos, but come on, its really not that long of a wait, and besides, this guitar chart is fantastic.
Anyway, to the review.
This chart is very diverse and never quite stays the same, it has lots of HO/POs and numerous little tricks that keep things interesting, and despite this, isn't really that difficult besides some of the really tricky parts.
This guitar chart obviously contains all the great things you can expect from a good chart, theres lots of movement, its active besides during the drum solos, its very diverse, and its pretty much in the middle there in terms of difficulty (but is still a bit challenging at times). Overall, this is a fantastic guitar song, and isn't too far behind the keys' chart in terms of enjoyability.
07.01.12 6:53am 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
A fantastic bass chart Madotsuki
Just like with the other instruments, the bass chart for this great song contains all the best things you would want from a bass chart. Theres lots of movement throughout, its very active, and theres tons of fun hammer-ons/pull-offs all over the place throughout the song.

Its kind of hard to explain all the diverse sections in the song, its not as simple as explaining a chord pattern or riff pattern, but in short, theres lots HO/POs and jumping all across the fretboard in a whole lot of different patterns that change pretty often, so it never really gets boring.

Like the guitar, theres some empty space during the two drum solos, which isn't too major, its really not too long of a wait, and the bass chart starts up again before you know it. During the trippy part, the guitar and bass are doing the same thing, two single-notes to a HO/PO and then a pause then repeat, which is probably the only point in the song where you're not doing anything crazy.

Overall, this song is simply a fantastic bass chart, theres just so many HO/POs and movement throughout the song besides the empty space during the drum solos.
If you're mainly a bass player, you will very likely enjoy this, and I would recommend this.
07.05.12 7:23pm 0 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
Keys... 0-0 jackshiels
Wow... what a fun keys song. The pro chart is one of the hardest official releases ever - this thanks to a ridiculous solo that oscillates up and down the scale in what could only be called the work of an individual on speed or some other narcotic. Yikes. I mean, just youtube it, maaan/dude.

The first solo is great - certainly doable with some practice and a patient player, whilst the saxophone is a blast to play - what a varied song! Highly recommended.

Only buy if you think you are up to it.
02.18.12 5:35pm 0 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
Hope You're Patient Dr Sardonicus
Back in the original Guitar Hero, Frankenstein was one of the final songs on the setlist, and would have been insanely fun if the engine was fully functional. And now, we have the song with working ho/po's. And it's fantastic... on keytar. Alas, the song was primarily played on keyboard in its real form, and we get the remains. To start on a positive, the song is fantastic to play when you're actually playing. But let's note the when in that sentence. You only pay for about a third to a half of the song, the rest dominated by keyboard and Drums. So if you're prepared to sit around for a while after playing, this is the perfect song for you. If not, and you aren't interested in the other three instruments, which are all fantastic, look elsewhere.
01.27.12 12:10am 1 Replies | Reply -1 Relevance
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