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Released November 3, 2009 for Rock Band
LEGO Rock Band Import
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: Full Moon Fever (1989)

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RBAddict666 - "Did anyone think about this song while Felix was doing that ..." -- Read more
It's An Okay Bass, Loves Its Bass Chords Karmeleaux
Don't let that one-dot fool you, this bass has some tricks up its sleeve.

Foremost and foremost, most of the verses is focused around short HO/PO fills into sustains. These fills aren't always the same and some even trail off the sustain as slides into the next, leading to a decently fun verse rhythm. There's a few alternate verse rhythms, but most of them are unremarkable in playstyle and only decent for a change.

By now from my reviews you've probably been trained to be skeptical of chorus rhythms, but this is a weird and pleasant surprise - it's based around bass chord sustains, with short and simple rhythms between them. The strum pattern slightly changes on this routinely, and it's got a few HO/PO fills in there at times, it's a nice pleasant surprise.

But well, it's four and a half minutes. The verse is decent but never really sticks around to wear you out. But the chorus rhythm starts to get old towards the end of the song after playing it so many times in a row. In addition, it's a slower song, which may drive away others. But fans of the song will surely find some fun surprises if they play it.

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strong, repetitive, and slightly challenging GoldAnthro
While I'd like for at least a little more variety, I do recognize its a classic rock song and that's just how the song was written. as this is a 1st tier song on vocals the only somewhat challenging vocal parts seem to be the highest pitched " falllllin" phrases. These hit the top of the rb vocal pitch meter. everything else should be a a breeze.
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