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Released May 3, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: The Real Thing (1989)

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Wow, this song's keyboard chart is an "Epic" win!

When I first heard this song, I immediately noticed the keyboard tone had gotten more jangly than the angle version and thought "Everything's Ruined!" But when I actually bought the song and played the keyboard chart, I downed my "Last Cup of Sorrow" and actually enjoyed it! Sure, it's "Easy", and a "Kindergarten"er could play it, but it's still really enjoyable!

You start out by playing a simple C-G-Bb riff (the exact same notes as in "Rehab", oddly enough...) that flows up and down the keyboard in a nice arc that's a bit of a stretch but still fun to play. The C note starts moving up the keyboard from C to Eb to F, before finally hitting the high C and looping.

After I played that enjoyable riff a few times, my doubts kept growing "Smaller and Smaller", until I finally arrived at my favorite part of the song: the keyboard shifts up a lane and you slowly run down the keyboard like a swerving "RV" that's "Cuckoo for Caca!" It just flows so well!

The chorus uses some slightly awkward three-note chords that involve changing the center note of the chord and often stretch across an octave, but they're pretty enjoyable and not that tough. Except for one irritating octave-stretch chord that touches two F sharps. Uuuuuuugh.

It's a pretty simple song; FCing it will be "A Small Victory" for you if you're good at the keyboard. Tier-2 seems accurate enough, unless you're calculating using "Chinese Arithmetic"!

Ha ha ha. "Why Do [I] Bother" writing these reviews while I'm sitting "Naked in Front of the Computer"? I guess that "[I] Care a Lot" about you people!
11.30.11 3:58am 2 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
This song has an awesome drum chart, period. Guitar chart is not that awkward IMHO (Rise Against 02 is worse) and Bass is SWEET. If you like the band it's a must buy.

We already know Faith no More's drummer enjoys his toms very much, as we've seen in Midlife Crisis (on sightread that threw me off, though :p).
With Pro Drums, this song really shines as you can experience the coolness of the tom beats during the chorus and the powerful 4/4 beat during the verses. Combine it with three or four fills made of fun rolls and you'll have a pretty great experience on Drums, have fun choking your sightread FC due to those fills. :p

My favourite from them in RB. 5/5
07.22.11 12:50pm 2 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
Fast above-average chordfest, quick alt-strums Madotsuki
Oh please, this guitar chart isn't that bad, in fact its pretty fun.
Unless, you don't like alt-strumming of course.
Alot of this song is fast 2-note chords and single-notes (from lifting your finger and putting it back down repeatedly) that may require alt-strumming (however it can be down-strummed, I usually always alt-strum things like this, but I down-strum this song in particular, because its a bit easier that way), theres also some fast triplets that must be alt-strummed (see, children, if you downstrum the normal parts, its easier to alt-strum for triplets, so your alt-strumming hand doesn't have to reset, unless a sustain or another triplet is nearby).
Alot of this song is basically an above-average fast chordfest with lots of little tricks (like the triplets), that aren't too hard if you make use of alt-strums.
Overall, this song may seem difficult, but it really isn't as hard as you may think, and its actually alot of fun if you know how to do quick alt-strums and fast down-strums.
05.04.12 3:48am 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
Damn you Harmonix! Dead Player
And here we have yet again one of those rare cases where Harmonix says "fuck it" and makes a awfull guitar chart.

So basically, if this was to be charted "right", it would have been a pretty straight forward alt-strum chord fest. The problem though is that they decided to add alot of unnecesary random bullshit notes (tripplets, aswell as a very overcharted guitar slide twice) to "spice things up" I guess. But when you can't even hear these notes when listening to the song, why bother charting them?

Also, the second chorus is complete garbage. You can clearly hear a fast single note altstrum pattern going on, and yet you are playing anchored 8th's with random chords here and there. What on earth.

All in all, the chart makes little sense and it lacks of anything fun. Not that I expected alot from it to begin with, but atleast I expected it to be a clean chart. Oh well, atleast the bass is very entertaining.
06.02.11 11:21pm 3 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
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