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Released January 8, 2009 for Rock Band

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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: Rides Again (1970)

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Drums Justin the Gypo
This songs has a great flow to it and it will have you all over the kit, its so much fun to play and that's not even taking into consideration the awesome drum solo! One of the best charts available!
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Where is all the siiingiiin'? Edfan
This song is an absolute blast for the bass and drums. I don't think any other song deserves those gold star ratings more than this song. The vocals, however, are another story completely.

You see, this song almost strictly instrumental. There are only 12 phrases split into 3 little verses. Mind you that this song is about 4 minutes long, so you'll just be seeing emptiness and tambourine sections for most of the song.

When you are actually singing, it's quite simple, as the pitch changes are not very big, but it still fun to sing along with. However, there is very little variety from verse to verse.

Really, the only thing that saves this song is the fact that the actual vocals themselves are alright, but the limited variety, huge gaps, and small amount of singing absolutely kill the song for vocals. Still, don't let one scrappy instrument prevent you from buying the song. It's an absolute must for players of the other instruments.
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Alluminated Guy
The best song on drums.

This fast funky movement makes you move around the set like there is no tomorrow.
The only pause in the song? The part where you realize that coming up next, there is a drum solo! Double Whammy!

With mixtures of the high hat and double snares all around the place, this is a must for Rock Band Drummers.


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