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Released October 2, 2008 for Rock Band
Blood Sugar Sex Magik
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Genre: Alternative
Album: Blood Sugar Sex Magik (1991)

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A Paradox on Bass Karmeleaux
It was the best of basses, it was the worst of basses. And everything inbetween.

Pretty much. The verse is strumming yellow slowly (admittedly in a nonstandard rhythm, but slowly is key here). It does rarely throw in some small flourishes, but it really makes no impact. As the verse rhythm, this is the most used rhythm in the song, and it's really bad because it's an abysmal experience there.

However, the chorus is decent by itself, and isn't really used enough to get old. It moves around the fretboard, is a bit faster the verse, and has some single note HO/POs in there, with a little chain leading back into the verse.

And the guitar solo is the first area that definitely feels like Flea, with some great movement and short HO/PO chains, and it changes the shapes halfway in to keep it fresh.

Finally, the outro is all Flea, built around a fabulous groove with all sorts of fun movements in there, including groups of triplets. It's really great, but man do you have to trudge through a lot of mediocre stuff to get there.

Fans of Flea can probably sustain themselves on the chorus until fun really starts in the solo and outro, but most people unfamiliar with the song can probably not.

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