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Released October 8, 2009 for Rock Band
Electric Six 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: Fire (2003)

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Gay to Play Bront
This amusing song with the fun riff will make you happy to play it. (What, did you think I meant something else in the title? Perv)

The song has a surf-rock feel to it, with a fun riff of quick single notes you'll be playing with some fun movement and a few sustains. In between there's some chord parts with some HOPOs, a different riff pattern (that mixes singles with chords), and towards the end there's a fun little solo. The pace is quick, and the song winds the fretboards, so it's probably near the top end of it's RB3 tier of 3 dots, but it's fun and challenging without being too difficult.

It's a song that doesn't take itself too seriously (If you think it does, watch the video), and sounds amusing on all instruments, and it's not very long, so it's probably a good party song assuming you don't have anyone who's to afraid to play a song about a Gay Bar, and it's also the Electric Six's most popular song. It's a good addition to any Rock Band library.
10.26.11 5:32am 0 Replies | Reply +3 Relevance
This song is epic on vocals, buy this shit now!
03.17.10 2:36pm 0 Replies | Reply -2 Relevance
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