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Released July 13, 2010 for Rock Band
The Vines 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: Melodia (2008)

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Mostly chords, some sneaky hammer-on chords Madotsuki
The majority of this song is fast chords, and not a whole lot else through the whole song.
Theres some sneaky hammer-on chords like a quarter of a second (probably even less) right after a single note, and these appear quite a bit in the song. They're not too hard to hit, but sometimes they can trip you up.
Theres an easy solo thats mostly comprised of single notes, but theres a quick sneaky hammer-on near the end of it, and just like with the rest of the song, it can break your FC if you're not careful.
Overall, this guitar chart is pretty average, but since its entertaining, has plenty of fun strumming, and has a few tricks (however few), I'm giving this a 4/5 rather than a 3/5, and your just gunna have to deal.
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