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Released March 11, 2010 for Guitar Hero
OK Go Track Pack
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Genre: Pop Rock
Album: OK Go (2002)

Instrument Rating Difficulty Video
3 Intensity
No rating 4 Intensity
No rating 5 Intensity
No rating 7 Intensity
Full Band 0 Intensity
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baw charting toymachine
It seems weird that there would be artificial difficulty in this pack given the fact they neglected to chart blatant fast strumming in "Get Over It"

edit: now that I watched the chart again I assume you are talking about the "grace notes" using h/o chords. That's just another interperation of the chart- doesn't seem like anything that would deter enjoyment imo of course :)
03.11.10 11:10am 3 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
Crazed Geek - Well... not "odd", so much as "hyper-accurate"... whatever, you know what I mean Reply
03.13.10 4:35 am
Crazed Geek - By the way, I'm referring to the RB version having the odd chart. Reply
03.13.10 4:34 am
Crazed Geek - It feels like how GH and RB charted that one Stone Roses song. The sound the chord makes is virtually inaudible, and it screws me up. A lot. At least with the Stone Roses song, the odd charting made it more fun... not so much here, IMO. Reply
03.13.10 4:34 am
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